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Where do we begin? Music was no stranger to Desie growing up and it was not uncommon to find her with an instrument at hand and on a stage, often at the same time! This combination of a life-long penchant for creating music and performing finally culminated in 2010 when Desie was bitten by a radioactive penguin carrying the West Coastious Swingitis virus; there is no cure.
Exposure to Desie may result in, but not limited to, anxious feet, lack of sleep, and music running through your head. If you experience any of these symptoms you should immediately seek the nearest wood floor and let the music take you. Desie can now be found not just dancing/DJ'ing (and of course taking photo's) around Florida, but across the country, where her goal is to get everyone dancing!

So, feel free to view the site, and if ya want, you can even send an email.


Hope to catch you on the dance floor.


Michigan Classic 2013

Updated: Jul 13, 2013 10:37am PST

Swing Dance America

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City Of Angels 2013

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Yoshi and Luigi Adventure

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Pro Jack & Jill Finals

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Pro Jack and Jills

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Junior Routine

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Masters Tour

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Rising Star

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Tampa Classic Cookout

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Boogie By the Bay 2012

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Pic's of Me

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Grand Nationals 2012

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River City Swing 2012

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Star Wars Celebration 2012

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Summer Swing Classic

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Swing Fling, DC 2012

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